Health Clinic
TB skin testing $8.00 per test
Food and Consumer Safety
Food Service License $50.00 Per Year
Temporary Food Service $10.00 Per Day
Continuous Operation $35.00 Per Year
Tattoo/Body Piercing Facility $1000.00 Per Year
Tattoo Arists $100.00 Per Year
Guest Tattoo Artists (every 30 days) $50.00 Per Year
Septic and Wastewater
Septic Permits $50.00 Per Year
Installers License $50.00 Per Year
Variances Applications $50.00 Per Year
Vital Records
Certified Birth Certificate $10.00 Each
Certified Death Certificate $12.00 Each
Affidavits for Amendment $15.00 Each
Corrections by Notifications $10.00 Each