Birth Certificate Application All Noble county birth and death records are available from 1882-present. Money Order, credit card, or cash only for birth/death/genealogy requests-no personal checks accepted. A birth/death certificate can be obtained in the office or by mail.

Any changes to a birth record will have to be done by appointment only.  Please call Amber Shively at 260-636-2191 ext. 1


What are the hours that Vital Records is open?

Monday thru Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

What do I need to get my birth certificate?

Current legal picture identification (such as driver's license or state id) is needed.  If you are married, a copy of your marriage license will be needed.  If you have been married more than once, a copy of each marriage license to the current name that you have now (if you are female) will need to be presented.

I was born in Noble County, where do I go to obtain a birth certificate?

The Noble County Health Department, Vital Records division, maintains records for persons born in Noble County.  Written applications must be completed and identification is required of the applicant whether by mail or in person.

What is the cost of a birth certificate?

The fee is $10.00 cash, credit card, or money order, no personal checks for each birth certificate they come in half sheet.  Money orders must be made out to the Noble County Health Department.

My name is spelled wrong or my birth date is wrong on my birth certificate. What can I do about it?

An amendment can be filed with the local office or the Indiana State Department of Health for correction.  Two documents, at least 10 years old and a picture I.D. must be presented to confirm the spelling of the name.  A $15.00 fee is required and an appointment is necessary.

I was born in another state, but my adoption took place in Noble County, so why don't you have my birth record?

Even though a person was adopted in Noble County, the record is maintained in the county/state of birth.

All of my identification was lost/stolen/destroyed and I need to get a birth certificate to establish identity. Yet, I am required to present proof of who I am in order to obtain my birth certificate. How can I prove to you who I am?

Under these circumstances a member of your immediate family may be eligible to apply for your birth certificate by presenting their identification.  They must also show proof of the relationship (for i.e. their birth certificate or a marriage certificate).

I am in a hurry to get my birth certificate and I live out of the city/state. How can I get my certificate quickly?

You may send your application by express mail and enclosed another express mail envelope inside for us to mail it back to you.

I was born in another state but I have lived in Noble County all my life. Why can't you issue my birth certificate?

Birth records are recorded and maintained in the county/state of birth regardless of where the person lives.  Noble County cannot issue birth certificates for any place except for people born in Noble County.

What is the cost of a death certificate?

They are $12.00 for each one.  We will only accept cash, credit cards, or money orders made out to the Noble County Health Department.   Personal checks are not accepted.

If a person has lived all their life in Noble County and is buried in a Noble County cemetery but died in another county/state, why don't you have the death certificate?

Death records are recorded in the county/state where the individual expired, no matter where he/she lived or is buried.

How much is genealogy research?

Searches by volunteers or office personnel are $10.00 non-refundable for each request.  Payment must be made by cash, credit card, or money order.  Again, personal checks are not accepted.

What should I include on my request for genealogy?

The name of the person, their date of death and their parent's names.  Our records date back to 1882.   Anything prior to 1882 would not be available in Noble County Vital Records.

What about birth records for genealogy?

Birth records for genealogy purposes are only available on individuals who would be at least 75 years old.

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